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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Criminal Justice

  • CCJ 5446 Correctional Management (3)

    An Overview Of Correctional Management Including History, Increases In Confinement, Decline Of Community Based Corrections, Revival Of Capital Punishment, Models In Correctional Management, And Characteristics Of Correctional Institutions. Comparison Of Traditional Contemporary Correctional Systems Will Be Emphasized.

  • CCJ 5608 Criminology Theory And Practice (3)

    Historical And Contemporary Examination Of The Major Theories Of Criminology. Emphasis Is Placed Upon Critical Analysis And Practical Applicability Of Theories To Criminal Justice Policies.

  • CCJ 5669 Race Class Gend Crim

  • CCJ 5910 Independent Research In Criminal Justice (3)

    Individually Selected Program Of Personal Study Related To Specific Issues In Criminal Justice. The Student Is Expected To Work With His/her Mentor To Produce A Research-oriented Paper Suitable For Professional Presentation Or Publication.

  • CCJ 5934 Contemporary Issues In Criminal Justice (3)

    Presents, Explains, And Explores Viable Solutions To Contemporary Issues Facing The Criminal Justice System In Law Enforcement, Courts, Prosecution, Sentencing, Criminal Law, Etc.

  • CCJ 5940 Spec Top Crim Just I

  • CCJ 5941 Spec Top Crim Jus II

  • CCJ 6946 Internship

  • DHE 4201 Population Problems

Criminal Justice Corrections

  • CJC 3010 Corrections

  • CJC 4164 Community Corrections (3)

    Analysis Of The Theories, Concepts, Practices, And Special Problems Of Juvenile And Adult Community Correctional Facilities.

  • CJC 4410 Cr-meth Offen Tretmt

    This Course Introduces Theories And Techniques That May Be Employed Within The Boundaries Of Probation, Parole, Or Prison To Influence And Alter The Attitudes, Values, And Behaviors Of Persons Adjudicated Guilty By The Criminal Justice System.

Criminal Justice Enforcement

  • CJE 2070 Professional Development

    This Course Will Provide Criminal Justice Students With The Professional Awareness That Is Needed To Succeed In A Career In Criminal Justice. This Course Will Provide Students With The Necessary Skills And Knowledge That Will Enhance Their Employability Within The Various Sectors Of The Field Of Criminal Justice

  • CJE 3110 Law Enforcement

  • CJE 4065 Police And Society (3)

    Study Of Law Enforcement, Particularly Within The Context Of Modern American Society.

Criminal Juvenile Justice

  • CJJ 3010 Juvenile Delinquency And The Juvenile Justice System (3)

    Designed To Provide An Overview Of The Various Theories Of Juvenile Delinquency, Methods Of Prevention, Intervention And Rehabilitation. It Also Provides An Overview Of The Juvenile Justice System’s Treatment Of Young.

  • CJJ 3544 Youth Management, Community Organization, And Advocacy (3)

    Examines The Various Approach To Youth Management As It Relates To Prevention, Intervention, And Diversion. Explores Community Initiatives To Address Its Problems Of Delinquency, And The Different Methods Used To Guide High Risk Youths Towards Positive Behavior.

  • CJJ 3545 Social Problems Of Youth (3)

    Offers A Broad Coverage Of The Various Problems Affecting The Youth Population And Societal Responses To These Problems. Addresses Some Of The Consequences Of Youth Problems On Community And Society.

  • CJJ 5020 Juvenile Justice

Criminal Justice Law

  • CJL 3510 American Court Systems (3)

    Examination Of Local, State, And Federal Court Systems, Judicial Interpretations, And Decision-making Processes.

  • CJL 4012 Penology (3)

    Examines The Various Aspects Of The American Correctional System And Its Affected Population Through A Contextual Historical Analysis. Primary Emphasis Is Placed Upon Correctional Strategies And Policies And Their Subsequent Implementation And Outcomes.

  • CJL 4050 Juvenile Law

  • CJL 4050E Juvenile Law

  • CJL 4064 American Criminal Law (3)

    Sources Of State And Federal Criminal Law And Elements Of Criminal Acts In General As Related To Various Crimes And The Conduct Of Prosecution And Defense In Criminal Trials.

  • CJL 4065 Amer Criminal Proced

  • CJL 4565 Law & Social Control

  • CJL 5520 Court Administration

Curriculum Development

  • EDG 1072 College Success & Beyond (3)

    Provides Students With Skills, Information, And Knowledge To Promote Academic Success. Major Areas Of Focus Include: Fundamental Competencies Essential In College, Enrichment Skills Test-taking Skills And Critical Thinking Skills. Anticipated Outcomes Are: Connection With Faculty, Connections With Peers/others, And Overall College Engagement And Improvement In Academic Skills

  • EDG 3004 Overview/orien Teach

    Overview And Orientation To Teaching (1) Focus On Early Involvement Activities Regarding Teaching. Student Will Observe And Participate In Teaching-related Activities In A School Setting.

  • EDG 3302 Prof Dev Preservic T

  • EDG 3733 Teaching Hispanic Culture (3)

    A Study Of The Interdependent Living Of Hispanic America. Major Contributions Of Hispanics From An Eclectic Point Of View; Cultural, Geographical, Literary, Philosophical And Artistic Manifestations Of Hispanic Contributions

  • EDG 3752 Bilingual Education Curriculum (3)

    Explores Design Of Curriculum To Accommodate Needs Of Non-native English Speakers; Emphasis On Providing Basic Skills To All Students While Tailoring Curriculum To Uniqueness Of Spanish-background Students.

  • EDG 4002 Test Preparedness

  • EDG 4704 Multicul Edu Ele Sch

  • EDG 4706 Multicul Edu Theo Pr

  • EDG 4905 Directed Individual Study (1-6)

    Prerequisite: Consent Of Instructor. Intensive Study Of Topics Fitting A Particular Student’s Needs And Interests.

  • EDG 4931 Seminar In Special Topics (3)

    Consideration Of Various Topics In Education, Focusing On Generic Teaching Skills. Includes Review Of Areas Covered On The Florida Teacher Certification Examination (professional Education Subtest).

  • EDG 5250RDG Intro To Curriculum

  • EDG 5706 Human Relations Skills (3)

    Examinations Of The Concepts, Attitudes, Habits, Values, Skills And Techniques Which Promote Relating Effectively To Other Individuals And Various Subgroups Other Than One’s Own; Study Of The Processes And Specific Strategies Which Promote Positive Human Relations In Multicultural Classrooms.

  • EDG 5708 Populations, Concepts And Strategies In Multicultural Education (3)

    Examination Of The Origins, Characteristics, Cultures, Lifestyles And Contributions Of The Socially, Ethnically, Racially, Socio-economically Mixed Populations In The United States; Critically Study Of The Nature, Characteristics, Purposes, Values, Terminology, Concepts And Components Of Multicultural Education.

  • EDG 5791 Seminar In Multicultural Education (3)

    Designed To Facilitate Teaching In A Multicultural Setting; Emphasis On Understanding Various Subcultures And Promoting Favorable Interaction Among Members Thereof. Field Experience Required.

  • EDG 5906 Directed Individual Study (1-6)

    Prerequisite: Consent Of Instructor. Intensive Study Of Topics Fitting A Particular Student’s Needs And Interests.

  • EDG 5931 Seminar In Special Topics (3)

    An Examination Of Special Topics In Education Focusing On Teaching Skills. The Course Focuses On The Florida Teacher Certification Competencies.

  • EDG 5939 Seminar In Affective Education (3)

    Analysis Of Technology And Methods Useful In Creating A Learning Climate Likely To Produce Both Cognitive And Affective Changes In Children. Field Experience Required.

  • EDG 5944 Student Teaching (6-12)

    Supervised Teaching In A Public School.

  • EDG 6250 Curriculum Development: Theory & Practice (3)

    This Course Is Designed To Provide An Overview Of Curriculum And Development Issues. Emphasis Will Be Placed On The Relationship Between Curriculum Theories And Instructional Practices, Interrelationship Of Many Components Of Curriculum Design And As A Basic For Decision Making In Providing Leadership For Constructive Instructional Programs. Student Will Demonstrate Different Applications Of Curriculum Principles To The Design And Development Of Educational Programs Including Technology, Assessment,and Organization Of Curriculum

  • EDG 6287 Strat Planning Semin

  • EDG 6625 Leadership Curr Deve

  • EDG 6692 Cri Iss & Trnd Sch C

  • EDG 6935 Sem Spec Topics Edu

Dairy Science

  • DAS T999 Das Transfer Course

  • DAS 3215L Dairy Hrd-milk Prod

  • DAS 3671 Milk Proc Mktng

  • DAS 3671L Milk Proc & Mktng


  • DAA 1100 Beg Contemporary Dance I

  • DAA 1100 Modern Dance (2)

    Provides The Student With The Basic Skills And Knowledge For The Performance Of Beginning Modern Dance; Skill In Technique, Movement Patterns, Composition, Improvisation And The History Of Modern Dance.

  • DAA 1101 Begin Contem Danc

  • DAA 1126 Afro-caribbean Dance (2)

    Provides The Student With The Basic Skills And Knowledge For The Performance Of The Caribbean Dance With A Focus On The Acquisition Of Basic Technique, Isolations, Across The Floor Movement And Studies Associated With The Katherin

  • DAA 1160 Modern Dance I

  • DAA 1200 Ballet (2)

    Provides The Student With The Basic Skills And Knowledge For The Performance Of Basic Ballet Movement With An Emphasis Placed On The Acquisition Of Basic Center Floor, Barre, Across The Floor, Allegro Work, And The History Of Ballet.

  • DAA 1201 Beginning Ballet II

  • DAA 1300 Ballroom Dance (2)

    A Continuation Of The Acquisition Of Skills And Knowledge In The Performance Of The Social Dances Such As The Swing, Tango, Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Merengue, Samba, Rhumba, Fad Dances And Country-western Dances..

  • DAA 1302 Social Dance (2)

    Introductory Course Focusing On Skill And Knowledge Of Traditional Ballroom Dances (swing, Tango, Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha Cha, Merengue, Samba, Rhumba), Fad Dances And Country-western Dances.

  • DAA 1310 Social Dance

  • DAA 1312 Folk And Square Dance (2)

    Introductory Course Focusing On The Learning Of, And The Acquisition Of Skills And Knowledge Of International Folk Dances, American Heritage Dances, And Western Square Dance.

  • DAA 1330 Traditional African Dance I (2)

    Provides The Student With Basic Technique And Knowledge Of The Dances Of Africa (west, East, South, Central) With An Emphasis On The Acquisition Of Basic Steps, Movement Sequences And The Understanding Of The Cultural Conte

  • DAA 1340 Folk & Square Dance

  • DAA 1360 Trad African Dance I

  • DAA 1480 Dance Per I-orchesis

  • DAA 1500 Modern Jazz Dance I (2)

    Provides Students The Skills And Knowledge Of Basic Jazz Technique, Movement Patterns, Composition And The History Of The Evolution And Performance Of Jazz Dance.

  • DAA 1501 Jazz II - Hip Hop

  • DAA 1520 Tap And Rhythm Dance (2)

    Provides Students The Skills And Knowledge Needed For The Performance Of Tap-rhythm Dance With A Focus On The Acquisition Of Basic Steps, Tap Combinations, And The History Of The Evolution And Performance Of Tap Dance.

  • DAA 1600 Tap & Rhythm Dance

  • DAA 1680 Dance Performance I (1)

    Provides Students The Opportunity To Participate In Performance Activities In The Orchesis Contemporary Dance Theatre With Permission Of The Director.

  • DAA 2101 Modern Dance II (2)

    Prerequisite: DAA 1160  Or Permission Of Instructor. Provides Students With More Advanced Technique, Movement Patterns Across The Floor, Composition And Improvisation. Emphasis Is Placed On Expanding The Student’s Style, Interpretation, Music

  • DAA 2103 Inter Contemp Dance

  • DAA 2127 Dunham Technique II (2)

    Provides Students With An Intermediate Level Of Proficiency In Caribbean Technique And Movement Sequences And The Katherine Dunham Movement Language.

  • DAA 2161 Interm Modern Dance

  • DAA 2162 Modern Dance III

  • DAA 2201 Ballet II (2)

    Prerequisite: DAA 1200  Or Permission Of Instructor. Provides Students With More Advanced Technique Focusing On The Use Of Center Floor Work, Barre, Movement Patterns Across The Floor And Allegro Work.

  • DAA 2202 Ballet III

  • DAA 2203 Ballet IV

  • DAA 2300 Ballroom Dances

  • DAA 2331 Traditional African Dance II (2)

    Provides Intermediate Level Skills And Knowledge In Traditional African Dance With An Emphasis On The Acquisition Of Technique, Movement Sequences And Knowledge Of The Interrelationships Between Culture And Dance.

  • DAA 2361 Trad Afr Dance II

  • DAA 2481 Dan Per II-orchesis

  • DAA 2482 Dan Perform III Orch

  • DAA 2483 Dan Prod I Stagecraf

  • DAA 2610 Dance Theory And Composition I (2)

    Provides Students With An Exploration Of Elements Vital To The Processes Of Improvisation And Composition With An Emphasis On The Use Of Time, Space, Energy, Design, Dynamics, Rhythm, Motivation, Sequencing, Phrasing, Mo

  • DAA 2611 Dan Theory Compos II

  • DAA 2681 Dance Performance II (1)

    Prerequisite: DAA 1480 . Provides Students The Opportunity To Participate In Performance Activities In The Orchesis Contemporary Dance Theatre With Permission Of The Director.

  • DAA 2700 Dan Thry & Comp I

  • DAA 2701 Dan Theory Compos II

  • DAA 3108 Modern Dance III

  • DAA 3208 Ballet III

  • DAA 3684 Dan Perform III Orch

  • DAA 4110 Modern Dance IV

    Provides Students With Advanced Technique, Movement And Performing Skills With Emphasis On Expanding The Style, Interpretation, Musicality And Personal Expression Through Dance.

  • DAA 4163 Modern Dance IV (2)

    Prerequisite: DAA 3162 .

  • DAA 4210 Ballet IV

  • DAA 4694 Senior Concert (3)

    Prerequisite: DAA 2481 , DAA 3701 , DAA 4163 , DAA 4203 . Provides Students The Opportunity To Present Own Choreography, Knowledge Of Dance Production And Ability To Work With Others In A Public Forum.


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