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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


School Psychology

  • SPS 6948 Internship In School Psychology (v)

    Prerequisite: Completion Of All Course Requirements In School Psychology. Supervised Practical Experience In The Institutional Setting. (clinical Field Experience)

  • SPS 6999 Psycho-edu Assessment I

    Training In Administration, Scoring And Interpretation Of Intellectual Scales And Cognitive Assessment Batteries Are Provided. The Course Demonstrates The Relationship Between IQ And Sensory Processing In The Learning Processes Of Children And Adolescents Within The Classroom. Emphasis Is Placed On Adhering To Standardized Procedures In Administration, Interpretation, Applied Interventions, And Reporting Of Evaluation Results. Cross-cultural Issues, Benefits, And Limitations Are Incorporated In Practice Models.

Science Education

  • SCE 3320 Teach Sci Md School

  • SCE 3321 Sci Middle Sch

  • SCE 3330 Teaching Science In High School (3)

    nature Of Science, Scientific Method, Directions And Goals Of Science Teaching, Study Of Research On Cognitive Development, Secondary Science Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Planning And Evaluation Of Science Instr

  • SCE 3811 Science in Elementary School (3)

    Prerequisite: Basic Concepts Of Biological And Physical Science, With Emphasis On Application To Teaching Science.

  • SCE 4930C Spec Topics Sce Edu

  • SCE 5117 Elementary School Science (3)

    Refines Scientific Concepts, Principles, And Generalizations Utilizing New, Innovative Science Programs With Special Emphasis On S-apa, Scis And Ess.

  • SCE 5225C Tch Life Sci Mid Sch

  • SCE 5226C Tch E & Spc Sci M S

  • SCE 5227C Tch Phy Sci Mid Sch

  • SCE 5325C Middle Sch Sci Tch

  • SCE 5930 Seminar In Elementary Science (3)

    Lectures And Laboratory Experiences Designed To Provide Opportunities To Acquire Techniques For Teaching Science To Children And Young Adolescents And To Develop Learning Activities And Instructional Units For Classroom Use.

Secondary Education

  • ESE 3341 Theory and Practice of Teaching in the Secondary School (3)

    Prerequisite: EDF 1005 , EDG 3004 , DEP 3004 , EME 2040 . Focuses Upon The Florida Generic Teaching Competencies Directly Related To The Implementation Of Major Steps In The Teaching Process. Includes A St

  • ESE 3341E T & P Tchg Sec Sch

    This Course Focuses Upon Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (feaps) Directly Related To The Implementation Of Major Steps In The Teaching Process. It Includes A Study Of The Basic Methods, Techniques, And Procedures For Effective Classroom Instruction. Emphasizes Recent Developments Concerning Curricular Organizations And Procedures; Planning Or Teaching-construction Of Master Course Plan, Unit And Lesson Plan , And Effective Utilization Of Instructional Resources And Evaluative Devices

  • ESE 4905 Directed Indiv Study

  • ESE 4930 Instructional Seminar in Secondary Education (3)

    Prerequisite: (EDF 1005 , EDF 3430 , ESE 3341 ) A Capstone Course For Secondary Education Majors Which Focuses On Selected Florida Generic Teaching Competencies Including Classroom Management, School Safety, Profess

  • ESE 4943 Student Teaching In The Secondary School (12)

    Teaching Experience In A Cooperating Public Secondary School. Grade Is Contingent On Passing The Florida Teacher Certification Examination.

  • ESE 5035 Innovations In Secondary School Curriculum (3)

    Promising Approaches To Effecting Functional Curriculum Change In The High School; Emphasis On Innovative Techniques And Instructional Media For The Multicultural Classroom.

  • ESE 5215 Secondary School Curriculum

  • ESE 5415 Evaluation In The Secondary School (3)

    Points Of View, Methods, And Techniques Used In Appraising Behavioral Growth Of Pupils, Adequacy Of Instructional Programs And Facilities, And An Examination And Appraisal Of Instruments Used In Evaluating Secondary Schools. Emphasis Will Be On Effective Evaluation For Multicultural Populations.

  • ESE 5935 Seminar Sec Ed

  • ESE 6939 Special Topics: Sacs (3)

    Designed To Give Particular Attention To A Critical Analysis Of Current Theory And Practice In The Nature, Purpose, Organization, And Administration Of The Self-study For The Southern Association Of Colleges And Schools. Focuses On A Specific Content Or Service Area.

  • LIS 2780 Database Concepts

  • LIS 3781 Internet Research

  • LIS 4301 Prep Of Instruct Materials

  • LIS 4310 Audio-visual Utiliza

  • LIS 4380 Social Media Mgmnt

    This Course Explores The Tools, Information Management And Communication Functions Of Social Media Through Hands-on Work With Designing And Managingsocial Media Sites. Students Participating In This Class Will Actively Design, Implement, And Coordinate Numerous Projects That Build A Foundation In Social Media Management Will Allowing Students To Gain Valuable Leadership Communication, And Organizational Skills. They Will Also Explore The Different Issues And Concerns May Influence The Wide-spred Adoption And Implementation Of Social Media At The Individual And National Levels.

  • LIS 4410 Soc Impl Info Age

  • LIS 5312 Prod Of Aud-vis Mat

  • LIS 5313 Multi-media Des Prod

  • LIS 5484 Intro. Data Networks

    This Course Is An Introductory Course Concerned With Networking And Telecommunications As A Means Of Providing Information Services To Users. From Lans To The Information Superhighway, It Includes An Introduction To Voice, Data, And Video Telecommunications Concepts, Technical Requirements, And Application Issues, In Addition To Techniques And Management Of Such Systems.

  • LIS 5487 Info Sys Mgt

    This Course Is An Introduction To The Role Of Information Systems In Organizations And How They Relate To Organizational Objectives And Structures. Covers The Basics Of Management And Information As They Relate To Each Other In The Operation Of An Information Center.

Social Psychology

  • SOP 3003 Social Psychology (3)

    Social Factors In Individual And Group Behavior With Special Emphasis On Person Perception, Interpersonal Attraction, Aggression, Attitudes, And The Effects Of Socio-environmental Factors On Human Behavior. (lecture And Discussion)

  • SOP 3724 Psychology Of Prejudice And Racism (3)

    Focuses On An In-depth Analysis Of The Psychological, Social, And Cultural Factors In The Antagonism, Hostility, And Violence That Characterize Relationships Between Different Racial-ethnic Groups In American Society. (lecture And Discussion)

  • SOP 3742 Psy Of Women

  • SOP 3751 Psychology And Law

  • SOP 3782 Black Psychology (3)

    In-depth Analysis Of Theory, Research, Practice And Thought Characterizing The Growth And Development Of Black Psychology. Emphasis Is Placed On The Afrocentric Philosophical Model In Black Psychology. (lecture And Discussion)

  • SOP 4742 Psychology Of Women (3)

    Psychological Impact Of Changing Sex Roles In Our Society, With Emphasis On The Interlocking But Contradictory Stereotypes Applied To The Black Woman, Both From Within Her Subculture, And From The White-dominated Society At Large.

  • SOP 4904 Dir Indiv Study

  • SOP 6406 Adv Surv Mtd Soc Psy

Social Science Education

  • SSE 3113 Social Studies (3)

    The course will provide pre-service teachers with information  needed to develop  young children who have knowledge, skills, and dispositions that lead to an understanding of the world in which they live and their relationship to that world.   The integrative approach utilized promotes the development of knowledge and skills needed to promote an understanding of time, continuity, culture, change; government and citizenship; economics. Students will also apply information learned through practical field experiences in settings which serve children ages 3-8, including English language learners.

  • SSE 3113E Social Studies For The Elementary School (3)

    Concepts And Strategies For Teaching Social Studies, With Content Drawn From The Social Science Disciplines. Special Emphasis On The Natural Environment, Its Physical Patterns And The Conservation Of Natural Re

  • SSE 3334 Tchg Soc Stud H-sch

  • SSE 3360 Teaching Social Studies (3)

  • SSE 3905 Directed Indiv Study

  • SSE 5318 Tchg Soc Stud E-sch

  • SSE 5367 Fund In Teaching Soc Studies

  • SSE 5665 Inquiry In Teaching Soc Studie

  • SSE 5939 Sem Elem Soc Studies

Social Work

  • SOW 3104 Human Behavior Across The Life Cycle (3)

    A Lifespan Approach Of Human Development Which Examines The Biological, Cultural, Psychological, And Social Factors Which Influence Human Development From Birth To Old Age.

  • SOW 3203 Introduction To Social Work (3)

    A Survey Of Programs And Services Developed As A Response To Human Need, From Both An Historical And Political Perspective.

  • SOW 3230 History Of Social Welfare Policy (3)

    Covers The Development Of Social Welfare From Ancient Greek And Roman To The Present Day.

  • SOW 3290 Soc Wk Ethics & Prof Devel

    This Course Is Designed To Assist Students In Gaining Knowledge Of Related Careers. The Student Will Engage In Curriculum-focused, “on-the-job” Training While Examining His/her Professional Knowledge, Skills, And Accomplishments. Oral And Written Communication Skills Are Vitally Important In The Professional Realm Of Social Work And Related Fields. As Students Prepare To Enter The Professional Arena, They Must Gain Proficiency In Communicating Orally And In Writing. Students Must Also Continue To Increase Their Knowledge And Practical Application Of Values And Ethical Standards Of Professionalism.

  • SOW 3341 Social Work Practice I (3)

    Introductory, Generalist Social Work Practice Focused On Values, Attitudes, Processes In Client-worker Relationships, Assessment, Interventions, And Goal Setting.

  • SOW 3350 Interviewing And Recording (3)

    Skills Based Course Addressing Practice In Twelve Interviewing Strategies; Extensive Practice In Process Case Recording.

  • SOW 3664 Correctional Counsel

  • SOW 3801 Self Awareness Lab (3)

    Laboratory Group Experience Designed To Help Social Work Students Gain Awareness And Understanding Of Self As A Helping Person.

  • SOW 3801HB Self Awareness Lab (3)

    Laboratory Group Experience Designed To Help Social Work Students Gain Awareness And Understanding Of Self As A Helping Person.this Course Is Being Taught As Hybrid/blended Course

  • SOW 3801L Self-awareness Lab

  • SOW 4103 Theories Of Human Behavior (3)

    A Critical Analysis Of Selected Theories Which Differentially Explain The Development Of The Individual In Society.

  • SOW 4104 Hbse

    This Course Focuses On The Individual And Families, Groups, Organizations And Communities. Theoretical Explanations Of Psychological Development Across The Life Cycle Are Also Explored, Along With The Sociocultural Factors That Influence Human Behavior

  • SOW 4152 Human Sexuality (3)

    Examination Of The Entire Span Of Sexual Development Including Knowledge Of Historical, Biological, Psychological And Sociological Perspectives.

  • SOW 4232 Soc Welf Plcy Prog

  • SOW 4232 Social Welfare Policies & Programs (3)

    The Course Examines State And Federal Social Welfare Policies And Programs Which Have Been And/or Are Currently Available To American Citizens. It Will Also Examine The Relationship Between Social, Economic, And Political Factors In The Development And Delivery Of Social Services.

  • SOW 4322 Social Work Practice II (3)

    A Practice Oriented Course To Develop Knowledge In Group Dynamics, Group Development, And Leadership.

  • SOW 4322HB Soc Work Practice W/ Groups

    A Practice Oriented Course To Develop Knowledge In Group Dynamics, Group Development, And Leadership.

  • SOW 4323 Thry/prac Soc Wk Grp

  • SOW 4343 Sow Work Prac W/ Comm & Organi

    Introduces Students To Macro Social Work Practice In The Community. Examines Goals Of Community Organizing, Components Of Community Development, And Roles Of Community Organizers.

  • SOW 4360 Social Work Practice III (3)

    This Is One Of Three Courses In The Practice Foundation Curriculum. The Course Is Designed To Introduce Students To A Range Of Theories And Models Of Social Work Practice From An Ecological Framework

  • SOW 4403 Research Methods In Social Work (3)

    Instruction In Scientific Methods Of Basic Research As A Problem-solving Prcess, Including Definitions Of Problems, Interventions And Outcomes In Measurable Terms. Also Formulation And Testing Of Hypotheses.

  • SOW 4414 Measurement In Social Work Practice (3)

    Provides Basic Instruction In Use Of Conceptual And Quantitative Tools For Description, Analysis And Interpretation Of Data.

  • SOW 4414HB Measurement In Social Work Practice (3)

    Provides Basic Instruction In Use Of Conceptual And Quantitative Tools For Description, Analysis And Interpretation Of Data

  • SOW 4431 Program Evaluation

  • SOW 4510 Field Experience In Social Work (var. 3-12)

    Affiliation As Student Intern With Social Agency. Experience Is Designed To Supplement And Reinforce Conceptual Classroom Learning And Offer Social Work Practice In Structured Agency Setting, Under Supervision.

  • SOW 4522 Integrative Field Seminar (3)

    A Seminar For Students In Field Placement, For The Integration Of Course Materials With Activities In Field Placement.

  • SOW 4602 Social Work Practice In Health Care (3)

    Issues Related To The Health Care Delivery System Including Legislation And Policy Development; And The Role Of Social Work In Medical Settings.

  • SOW 4613 Mental Health Services (3)

    Analysis Of The Development Of Community Mental Health Services In The U.s. And The Role Of Social Workers In Delivering These Services.

  • SOW 4615 Family Violence

  • SOW 4620 Diversity In Sw

  • SOW 4622 Social Work With African American Families (3)

    Theories, Practice And Research Relevant To Understanding African American Families Are Examined Via The Socio Cultural Forces Impacting Family Structures And Functions.

  • SOW 4633 School Social Work

    The Goal Of This Course Is To Assist The Student In Developing A Comprehensive And In Depth Understanding Of Current School Social Work Practices. The Values, Purpose, Knowledge Base, And Sanctions Undergrird The Specializied, Professional Practice Of School Social Work Will Be Discussed And Analyzed. Learning Experiences To Achieve This Goal Include Classroom Lectures And Discussion, Guest Speakers Student Reports And Presentations And Volunteering In The Public School Setting, Discussion, Guest Speakers, Student Reports, And Presentations And Volunteering In The Public School Setting

  • SOW 4643 Social Work With The Aged (3)

    Clarification Of Special Needs Of The Aged And Their Families, Including Psychodynamics Of Disordered Behavior, Services Available And Needed.

  • SOW 4647 Physical Aspects Age

    This Course Covers Age And Health Demographics, As Well As Attitudes Toward Aging And Health.

  • SOW 4650 Child Welfare Practice

  • SOW 4651 Children And The Law (3)

    Course Focuses On The Law Directly Impacting The Tasks Performed By Social Workers In Child Welfare Settings.

  • SOW 4654 Social Work With Children (3)

    The Structure Of Services And The Range Of Programs From Prevention To Protection And Placement.

  • SOW 4657 Youth In Crises (3)

    Social Work With Young People Encountering Traumatic Life Experiences Including Crime And Violence.

  • SOW 4682 Aids: Impact On The Life Cycle (3)

    An Overview Of The Aids Epidemic Including Issues Related To Hiv Testing, Arc Treatment, Legal And Ethical Implications.

  • SOW 4700 Social Work With Chemical Dependencies (3)

    The Nature Of Drugs And Alcohol Addiction And The Impact Of The Same On The Lives Of Individuals And Families.

  • SOW 4702 Chemical Dependency

    This Course Is An Introduction To The Etiology And Epidemiology Of Chemical Dependency. Both Physiological And Psychological Aspects Of Addiction Are Covered. Major Programs And Treatment Modalities Used In Social Work Practice For Chemically Dependent Clients Are Examined

  • SOW 4740 Death And Dying

    This Is A Learning Process For Social Work Students To Comprehend Their Roles When Confronting Individuals , Groups And/or Familes Experiencing A Death. Students Should Examine Techiques Used In Helping Individuals Cope With The Dying Process And With The Stages Of Death. The Course Will Be Taught In A Formal And Informal Manner. Students Will Find That Teachable Moments Will Emerge From The Informal Educational Structure To Develop Unanticipated Events In Life To Offer Possibilities Will Emerge From The Informal Educational Structure To Develop Unanticipated Events In Life To Offer Possibilities For Useful Educational Insights And Lessons As Well As Growth And Development Regard Death And Dying

  • SOW 4784 Intl Sw & Social Wel

    This Course Prepares Students For International Social-work Practice And For Transitional Work With Immigrants, Refugees, International Migrants, Etc. The Course Also Introduces International Perspectives In The Social-work Field And Offers Varied Examples Of Social-work Practice In The U.S., And Western, Central European, And Caribbean Nations And Examines The Impact Of The Global Interdependence On Social-work Practice And Policy And Helps Students Learn To Critically Analyze Varied Practice Approaches Utilized In Dealing With International Welfare Issues

  • SOW 4905 Dir Indiv Study

  • SOW 4930 Social Work Topics (3)

    Variable Content Course Permitting Study Of Current Policy Issues, Special Target Populations, New Programs, Etc. Topics To Be Covered Are Announced In Advance Of Registration.

  • SOW 4931 Sel Top Soc Wrk

  • SOW 4935 Sem In Soc Welfare

  • SOW 5105 Human Behavior And The Social Environment I (hbse) (3)

    Prerequisite: Admission To Graduate School Or The Permission Of The Instructor. This Course Lays The Theoretical Groundwork For Social Work Practice With Individuals And Families. It Provides The Conceptual Framework For The Analysis Of Individuals And Families Using Systems, Developmental, Cultural, And Interactional Frameworks In Considering Healthy And Problematic Functioning. Offered Only In The Fall Semester.

  • SOW 5106 Human Behavior And The Social Environment II (3)

    Prerequisite: Sow 5106 Or The Permission Of The Instructor. This Course Focuses On Macro Social Work Practice With An Emphasis On Social Systems Theories And The Person-in-environment Perspectives As Frameworks For Understanding How Larger Systems Such As Groups, Organizations, And Communities Behave. Organizational And Institutional Responsiveness To The Needs Of Oppressed Populations Are Examined. Offered Only In Spring Semester.

  • SOW 5123 Psychopathology (3)

    Prerequisite: Admission To The Msw Program Or Consent Of Instructor. A Course Designed To Prepare Social Workers To Understand The Medical Model Of Mental Health Practice (e.g., Dsm Iv, Mental Health Diagnoses, Psychiatric Treatment, Medications, Etc.) In Order To Communicate Effectively With The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team. Reviews Psychodynamic Personality Theories And Concepts Of Psychopathology Which Stem From Them. Develops A Frame Of Reference For Critically Analyzing Mental Health Practice With Oppressed Populations And Addressing The Mental Health Needs Of People Of Color, Women, And Other Oppressed Populations.


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