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Chemistry, MS

The Department of Chemistry offers both a thesis and a non-thesis option leading to the Master of Science degree in Chemistry. The thesis option is designed to provide students with advanced course work and experience in chemical research. This option is desirable for students to engage in chemical research or continue graduate studies toward the Ph.D. degree.

Admissions: All candidates for admission to the chemistry department for the M.S. degree must possess a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from an accredited institution of higher learning. They must earn a grade point average of 3.0 or better over the junior and senior years of undergraduate study. Applicants must also take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Admission Requirements

A candidate must meet the university-level admission requirements for graduate school.

Course Requirements:

All students pursuing the M.S. Degree in Chemistry are required to complete a minimum of thirty-one (31) semester hours. Each student must complete sixteen semester hours of core courses as listed below:

Core Courses

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
BCH 5041 Protein Biochemistry (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5155 Chem Separation Mthd
CHM 5225 Adv Org Chem Struc
CHM 5460 Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics
CHM 5620 Inorgan Chem Princip
CHM 6935 Graduate Chemistry Seminar (1)
Credit hours: (1)

Students following the thesis track must complete, in addition to the core courses,

  • Three (3) hours of elective courses
  • Twelve (12) hours of thesis research. Upon consultation with the major professor up to six (6) of these hours may be substituted with elective courses.
  • A successful oral presentation and defense of an acceptable thesis based on original laboratory research.
  • Students following the non-thesis option must complete, in addition to the core courses, nine (9) hours of electives and an approved project for three (3) semester hours. A written report, acceptable to the department, should be submitted at the end of the project.

Elective Courses

Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed
BCH 5043 Enzymology
BCH 5045 Biochemistry (3)
Credit hours: (3)
BCH 5046 Physical Biochemistr
BCH 5049 Metabolism
BCH 5055 Cell Biochemistry
BCH 5275 Membranes
BCH 5280 Bioenergetics
CHM 5140C Electronic Instrumentation For Chemical Analysis (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5150 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHM 5151C Spectrochemical Analysis Methods (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5152 Opt/spec Chem Anal
CHM 5260C Physical Organic Chemistry (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5301 Bio-organic Chemistry
CHM 5380C Topics In Organic Synthesis (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5440C Chemical Kinetics (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5480C Quantum Chemistry (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5490C Chemical Spectroscopy (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5513C X-ray Crystallography (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5540C Chemical Application Of Group Theory (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5650C Structural Methods In Inorganic Chemistry (3)
Credit hours: (3)
CHM 5931 Special Topics (3 To 6)
Credit hours: (3 To 6)
CHM 5971 Graduate Thesis In Chemistry (6-9)
Credit hours: (6-9)

All students must satisfy the following additional requirements:

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Achieve a passing grade (70%) on a written comprehensive examination.