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General Catalog 2014/2015 
General Catalog 2014/2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Health Care Management

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Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management

The health care industry is the largest and fastest growing industry in this country. According to employment forecasters, over the next decade eight of ten fastest growing career fields will be in health services occupations.

Health care management is a profession which utilizes administrative and managerial principles and concepts to direct the allocation of resources and delivery of services in health care organizations. Health care managers perform the same functions as managers in any other industry or field. Health care managers plan, direct, organize, control, and coordinate the resources of health care organizations. As integral members of the health profession, health care managers are responsible for working with the board of directors to create the best possible working environment for the medical staff, nurses, therapists and other clinical professionals who provide direct health care services. Additionally, they ensure that health care is provided in a cost-effective and humane manner.

The primary mission of the Division of Health Care Management is to provide comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education in health care management. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program seeks to develop an understanding of the complex interaction of economic, financial, political and social factors affecting the management and delivery of health care services. Upon graduation, students are prepared for entry-level positions in a variety of private and public settings in healthcare.

The baccalaureate degree program in health care management has full certified undergraduate status with the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). Hence, the program has met the accreditation standards of the AUPHA Undergraduate Program Review Committee. The concentration in longterm care administration is certified by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations and the Florida State Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

Association of University Programs in Health Administration
2000 14th Street, North
Suite 780
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 894-0940


Associate Professors: Davis-Weaver, Juliet; Lewis, Marisa; Perryman, Martha
Assistant Professors: Audi, George; Beck-Jones, Juanda
Visiting Professor: Woodley, Pia

Admissions Process

Admission to the health care management degree program is a two-step process. Students must be accepted to the university. Then, during the last semester of their sophomore year, students must apply for acceptance into the professional phase of the program. Admission to the university does not guarantee acceptance into the professional program. Eligibility to enter the professional program includes a grade of “C” or better in the following state common prerequisites, pre-professional courses: ACG 2021 , ACG 2071 , ECO 2013 /ECO 2023 , STA 2023 , CGS 2060, and a minimum GPA of 2.0. The application requires a college transcript (s), resume, two letters of reference, criminal background check and possibly an interview with the admissions committee.


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