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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, BS

To major in sociology a student must take courses in social thought, research methods and appropriate substantive material by completing 30 semester hours in sociology, including SYA 3010 , SYA 3300 , SYA 3400 , SYD 4730  and SYA 4930 . (SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology , and SYG 2010 Social Problems , are prerequisites for all upper level courses in sociology.) It is expected that these core courses will be taken at Florida A&M University. The additional 15 semester hours are to be taken from among the courses in sociology and anthropology. Students may select elective courses from the following areas: social structure, intergroup relations, social research and methodology, marriage and family studies, social psychology, community studies, and anthropology. Internships are available to students and are recommended for students who do not plan to do graduate work. A grade below a "C" in any of these courses will not be accepted for credit toward the major. No more than 6 semester credit hours in anthropology may be applied toward a degree in sociology. Graduates of the program are eligible to enter graduate or law school as well as take positions in a wide variety of governmental and private organizations.

A minor is required for sociology majors. The minor requires 18 credit hours in an approved field. The curriculum for the minor follows the requirements specified by the minor field. A grade below a "C" will not be accepted for credit toward the minor.

A minor in sociology for non-majors requires 18 credit hours in sociology courses. Students must complete successfully SYG 2000 , SYA 3010 , SYA 3300 , and twelve (12) upper level hours of electives in sociology and anthropology. SYG 2000  and SYG 2010  are prerequisites for all other sociology courses. A grade below a "C" will not be accepted for credit toward the minor.

A minor in anthropology for non-majors requires 18 credit hours in anthropology courses. Students must complete ANT 2511  and 15 hours of upper-level electives in anthropology. [Six credit hours of sociology may be applied toward an Anthropology minor] ANT 2000 Introduction To Anthropology , is prerequisite for all electives in anthropology. A grade below a "C" will not be accepted for credit toward the minor.

Students who use Introduction to Sociology and/or Introduction to Anthropology to satisfy their general education requirements cannot use these courses as part of satisfying their minor requirements.

Curriculum Guide

Subtotal: 30

Subtotal: 30

Junior Year

Subtotal: 30

Senior Year

Subtotal: 30

Total Hours for B.S. in Sociology: 120

Biological Science Requirement:

Physical Science Requirement:

Grade of "C" or above completes this requirement.