Jan 20, 2022  
2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Science, Food Science major, BS

Food Science is a multidisciplinary science field that utilizes knowledge from areas such as chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, physics, biotechnology, mathematics, and engineering to solve the many problems that threaten our food supply as well as to create new food products. Food Science seeks to ensure that our foods are safe, tasty, nutritious, convenient, and abundant. The major in food science is designed to instruct students in the scientific principles that govern techniques and methods used in the preparation, processing, storage, evaluation, and utilization of foods. All students are exposed to an off campus food experience as part of their training. Graduates of this program are prepared to function in government, academic and corporate sectors of the food industry. The food industry is the world's largest industry and employment opportunities are available throughout the country.

Total: 31

Total: 31

Total: 30/31

Total: 27/28

Total Credit Hours: 120

*FOS Electives: FOS 3004 ; FOS 3429 ; FOS 3121 ; FOS 4005 ; FOS 4202 ; FOS 4435C FOS 4641 ; FOS 4731 ; FOS 4942 ; AGG 4420 ; ANS 3614 .
*All electives are selected subject to the approval of the academic advisor.