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2020-2021 General Catalog 
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Concentration, BS

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In addition to college requirements, a candidate for the BS degree in civil engineering will be expected to successfully complete the following requirements:

Group A Science Elective:

An additional three-credit hour science elective course is required to allow students to develop increased breadth in the basic sciences, while completing existing curricular requirements. Students should SELECT ONE COURSE from the following group.

Civil Engineering Design and Professional Courses

Students must take the courses in the following areas plus three additional electives* for a total of twenty-one hours credit. To meet the requirement, students may select elective courses (as indicated below) to specialize their degree program to suit their individual objectives.


  • CCE 4XXX Construction elective (3)
  • TTE 4XXX Transportation elective (3)

Environmental/Water Resources

Additional Electives

  • Group B Elective 1 (3) *
  • Group B Elective 2 (3) *
  • Group C Elective 1 (3) **

*GROUP B: Math/Engineering/Science Elective Courses (select TWO)

BOTH Group B courses MAY be from the CEE Dept. but at least ONE Group B course MUST be from the CEE Dept.:

CEE Department:  CCE 4xxx Any 4000-level CCE course not meeting another requirement

CEG 4xxx Any 4000-level CEG course not meeting another requirement
CES 4xxx Any 4000-level CES course not meeting another requirement
CWR 4xxx Any 4000-level CWR course not meeting another requirement
ENV 4xxx Any 4000-level ENV course not meeting another requirement
TTE 4xxx Any 4000-level TTE course not meeting another requirement

CGN 4930* Select 4000-level Special Topics (see Academic Coordinatorfor more information)

FAMU: EVR 3028: Environmental Modeling Principles (3)
            EVR 3867: Environmental Risk Analysis (3)

COE:   ESI 3312C Operations Research I: Deterministic (3)
            EML 4930*Experimental Methods in Nanoscale Science & Engineering (3)

*NOTE: Multiple special topics (4930/4936) courses may share the same course number. Make sure that you are enrolling in the correct section. 

**Group C Professional/Technical Elective:

A course outside of the CEE department emphasizing professional development, computing, and other professional/technical skills.

Suggested Academic Curriculum

Below is a suggested academic curriculum map which is subject to change. See a department advisor for current requirements.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Total: 15

Total: 15

Summer Semester

  • Liberal Studies Elective (3)
  • Liberal Studies Elective (3)
  • Liberal Studies Elective (3)
  • Required Science Elective (3) *
Total: 12

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Total: 14

Spring Semester

Total Semester Hours: 128

*It is recommended that the science elective be completed prior to the junior year.

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