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General Catalog 2014/2015 
General Catalog 2014/2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling

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The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling provides experiences for a variety of professional careers in educational and non-educational institutions and agencies. Candidates acquire skills and competencies in the areas of counselor education, and educational leadership (administration and supervision).

The program in counseling offers two tracks: school counselor and mental health. The program in educational leadership offers three graduate degrees. The counselor education program offers the master of education degree (M.Ed.), and the master of science degree (M.S.), which requires a thesis. The program in educational leadership offers three graduate degrees, the master of education degree (M. Ed.), the master of science degree (M.S.), which requires a thesis, and the doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), which requires a dissertation.

Through these degree programs, students prepare for leadership positions in schools (Pre-K-12) and institutions of higher education, for educational positions in government and other educational entities, for engagement in counseling/mental health and student personnel work. The programs of study to be pursued at the graduate level are developed on the basis of a graduate student’s interest, background, credentials, and career goals. Specific programs may vary within and between majors and allow the student to concentrate on various areas of professional competence.

Every student in all programs in this department is required to see his/her faculty advisor at the beginning of each semester and at the end of each semester prior to registering for the next semester courses, and they are to dress as professional educators and to attend all required meetings.


Professors: Dozier-Henry, Oare’; Hope, Warren; Davenport, Elizabeth; Lutfi, Ghazwan; Green-Powell, Patricia
Assistant Professors: Henderson, Lavetta; Kambui, Hassiem; Moore, Sheila; Rowley, Alishea

The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Master of Education/Master of Science/Doctor of Philosophy

The program in educational leadership offers a planned sequence of educational experiences for (a) an individual seeking a master’s degree in educational leadership and (b) an individual who possesses a master’s degree and wishes to earn level 1 certification in educational leadership. Both program options prepare graduates for entry level (level 1 certification) administrative positions in Florida school systems and other related fields.

The educational leadership program offers graduate study grounded in the historical stream of research that informs educational practice. From this knowledge base, the course of study includes experiences to prepare individuals to assume leadership roles in educational institutions and other organizations. The program is comprehensive and a goal is to develop the transformative teachers and leaders who can assume leadership roles in educational institutions and other organizations. Major emphasis in the program is on urban and rural education through the provision of research knowledge as well as field and internship experiences. Emphasis is placed upon increased understanding of the school leadership and management functions. Course work and engagements provide a unique setting for preparation for multicultural leadership.

The master of education degree sequence in educational leadership requires a minimum of thirty-nine (39) semester hours of graduate coursework in areas required by the state of Florida for certification in school administration. The master of science degree requires a written thesis in in addition to other required courses. Candidates enroll in EDA 5937 Master’s Thesis (3-6 additional credit hours).

The counselor education program within the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling offers a graduate degree which emphasizes both didactic and affective experiences as necessary dimensions in the growth and development of professional learners. The course of studies includes differentiated patterns of preparation for school counselors, student services personnel for post-secondary education institutions, and counselors for various mental health agencies. Special effort is made to sensitize and provide the candidates with experiences and skills to be relevant in working with individuals, groups, families, and populations representing varied backgrounds and motivations. Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural effectiveness, critical thinking, and writing constitute a pervasive focus in all program studies.


Students with a master’s degree who seek certification in counseling must apply for admission to the counselor education program. Courses are offered to meet certification requirements.

Students entering the counselor education program without an undergraduate degree in education must complete the following courses in addition to the required courses in the program:

  • 6 semester hours in general methods
  • 6 semester hours of education foundations
  • 6 semester hours of internship

Admission Requirements

An application must:

  1. Meet all university admissions requirements: 3.0 G.P.A. in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work and GRE score.
  2. Submit a GRE score, within the last five years.
  3. Pass all requirements of the State Mandated General Knowledge Examination of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination.
  4. Declare in writing his/her intention to major in counselor education.
  5. Present three (3) letters of recommendation from qualified professional helpers. These letters should address the applicant’s personal, professional qualities, and disposition.
  6. Indicate in writing his/her understanding of the requirements for certification in the state of Florida since the applicant plans to work as a counselor in the school system.
  7. Present a copy of a valid Florida teaching certificate and passing scores on the FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examination) General Knowledge Tests.
  8. A current resume.
  9. School guidance track requires a criminal background check.

General Information

  1. Applications for admissions to graduate school shall be submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies and Research (Room 469, Tucker Hall).
  2. All other materials should be sent to the department.
  3. All Classes are held during the evening hours (Monday- Friday)
  4. Students will be assigned to a faculty advisor to assist them.
  5. Applicants with a master’s degree seeking certification should have their transcripts reviewed by an advisor prior to registering for any classes.
  6. Upon application, candidates must present evidence of health and liability insurance and a criminal background check.

Please submit the Florida A&M University application and transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work to the following address:

School of Graduate Studies and Research
Florida A&M University
469 Tucker Hall
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Please submit all of the above admission materials, except items 4 above, to the following address:

Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling
Florida A&M University
College of Education
Gore Education Complex, Bldg. C
501 Orr Drive, Room 124
Tallahassee, FL 32307


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