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General Catalog 2014/2015 
General Catalog 2014/2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mechanical Engineering, BS

Additional Information

Students must earn a minimum grade in the “C” range in each of the college core courses, as well as the required and technical elective courses below. Students must meet the minimum overall grade point average (GPA) under the general requirements of the University. Students also must meet the prerequisite requirements specified by the College of Engineering. Please refer to the “College of Engineering ” chapter in this Catalog for the specific college-level requirements.

Students are urged to obtain the most current information on the mechanical engineering requirements from their advisers or from the student affairs coordinator.

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Key features of the curriculum in mechanical engineering include the integration of relevant topical material, integration of engineering design with engineering science, the introduction to engineering design at an early stage in the curriculum, and the use of cooperative learning methodologies. The curriculum is in keeping with current trends in engineering education, industry expectations and needs, and the ABET 2003 accreditation guidelines.

The following core courses comprise the mechanical engineering curriculum:


Technical electives are generally intended to develop depth in an area of interest and should form a coherent area of concentration. A minimum of three technical electives (nine semester hours) must be in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The math option is intended to provide additional math expertise oriented toward various areas of engineering. Students must choose from the following list of approved classes: MAP 3306  or STA 3032 , Alternates: MAD 3401 , MAD 3703, MAP 4341  or MAS 3105.

EML 3004  includes a math/physics test based on the material covered in Calculus I, Calculus II, and Physics I. Students may take this test at any time before or during their enrollment in EML 3004 .