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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Civil Engineering Water Resources

  • CWR 4120 Groundwater Hydrology (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , EES 3040 . Fundamentals Of Groundwater Flow And Contaminant Transport. Topics Include Darey’s Law, Flow Nets, Mass Conservation, Haterogeneity And Anisotropy, Storage Properties, Groundwater Flow, Circulation, Unsaturated Flow, Recharge Stream-aquifer Interaction, Well Hydraulics, Slug Test Analyses And Contaminant Transport Processes.

  • CWR 4202 Hydraulic Engineering I (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , CWR 3201L , EGN 2210 ; Or Their EquIValents. Review Principles Of Hydrology And Hydraulics. Apply Principles To Design Of Water Supply, Urban Drainage, Flood Control, And Hydraulic Energy Conversion Systems. Computer-aided Design Of Hydraulics Systems.

  • CWR 4203 Hydraulic Engineering II (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 4202 . Present Methods For Analyzing A Broad Range Of Unsteady Flow Conditions And For The Design Of Facilities To Cope With Problems That May Result. Apply Computer Programs, Based On These Methods, For Practical Water Distribution And Open Channel Systems.

  • CWR 4306 Urban Stormwater Runoff (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , CWR 4101  Or Consent Of Instructor. Provides An Understanding Of (1) Storm Events, Stormwater Runoff And Effects Of Urbanization On Stormwater Quality; (2) Methods Of Analysis; And (3) Planning And Design Procedures For Stormwater Facilities.

  • CWR 4540 Water Resources Engineering (3)

    Prerequisite: EGN 2210 , EGN 3613 ; CWR 4202 . Systems Approach To Complex Water Resources Problems; Application Of Systems Analysis Of Water Resources Operations, Design, And Planning.

  • CWR 4822 Coastal And Estuarine Hydraulics (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , MAC 2313 . Coastal Hydraulic Principles And Waves In Estuaries And Coastal Ocean, Wave Properties And Wave Forces On Coastal Structures, Tidal Motions, Mixing And Transport In Estuaries And Coastal Engineering Analysis.

  • CWR 5125 Groundwater Hydrology (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , EES 3040 . Fundamentals Of Groundwater Flow And Contaminant Transport. Topics Include Darey’s Law, Flow Nets, Mass Conservation, Heterogencity And Anisotropy, Storage Properties. 3-d Equation, Regional Recirculation, Unsaturated Flow, Recharge, Stream-aquifer Interaction, Well Hydraulics, Slug Test Analyses And Contaminant Transport Processes.

  • CWR 5205 Hydraulic Engr II

    Course Presents Advanced Hydraulic Concepts And Their Incorporation Into The Design Process. Methods Of Solving Such Problems Are Also Presented.

  • CWR 5305 Urban Stormwater Runoff (3)

    Prerequisite: CEG 2202, EES 3040 , CWR 3201 . Investigation Of The Effects Of Urban Stormwater Runoff On Surface And Groundwater Resources. Includes Legal And Regulatory Requirements, Methods Of Engineering Analysis And Design Of Storm Water Systems.

  • CWR 5515 Physical Models Of Hydraulic Systems (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , CWR 3201L , MAP 3305 . Classical Techniques Of Dimensional Analysis And Simulation Are Presented For Hydraulic Problems, Operational Physical Model Will Be Constructed And Used To Solve Practical Engineering Problems.

  • CWR 5516 Numerical Models In Hydraulics (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , CWR 3201L , MAP 3305 . Numerical Approaches Including Finite Element Techniques Used In Hydrology And Hydraulics Are Presented And Applied To Simple Engineering Case Studies.

  • CWR 5635 Water Resources Planning And Management (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 4202 , CWR 4101 . Quantity And Quality Planning Of Water Resources. Economic Considerations.

  • CWR 5824 Coastal And Estuarine Hydraulics (3)

    Prerequisite: CWR 3201 , MAC 2313  (or MAC 3313). Coastal Hydraulic Principles And Waves In Estuaries And Coastal Ocean, Wave Properties And Wave Forces On Coastal Structures, Tidal Motions, Mixing And Transport In Estuaries, Coastal Engineering Analysis.

Clinical Psychology

  • CLP 3305 Clincl/counsel Psy

  • CLP 4134 Abnormal Child Psych

  • CLP 4140 Abnormal Psychology

    This Is A Course Derived From Appropriate Test Scores (i.e. Excelsor) Approved By Articulation Coordinating Committee Credit-by-exam Equivalents

  • CLP 4143 Abnormal Psychology

  • CLP 4303 Introduction To Clinical Psychology (3)

    Presentation Of The History And Development Of Clinical Psychology; The Past And Present Functions And Techniques Of Clinical Psychology, With Emphasis On Psychological Assessment And Varying Systems Of Psychotherapy. (lecture And Discussion)

  • CLP 4906 Directed Indiv Study

  • CLP 6166 Psychopathology (3)

    Describes The Major Clinical Syndromes From A Multidimensional Approach, With Emphasis On A Social Learning Approach. Presents A Critical Examination Of Dsm III And Its Implications For Classifying Psychopathology, Particularly In Multicultural/minority Populations. (lecture)

  • CLP 6316 Hlth & Rehabili Psy

  • CLP 6445 Individual Personality Testing (4)

    Provides Experience And Knowledge Of Personality Assessment. Includes Theory, Administration, Scoring, And The Interpretation Of Projective Techniques, With A Consideration Of Multicultural Issues. Report Writing Is Also Emphasized. (lecture, Clinical Laboratory Demonstration)


  • COM 3110 Com For Bus & Profes

  • COM 3332 New Comm Technology

  • COM 3930 Studio Audio Product

  • COM 3950 Communicatn Activits

  • COM 4105 Business And Technical Communications (3)

    Prerequisite: Junior Standing. Advanced Level Course Focusing On Principles, Techniques And Procedures Used In Business And Technical Communications, I.e., Technical Writing, Slide Presentations And Oral Presentations.

  • COM 4302 Introduction To Communication Research (3)

    Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Introduction To Social Science Fact-finding Techniques Emphasizing Sample Selection, Questionnaire Design, Interviewing, Interpreting, And Presenting Results.

  • COM 4910 Applic Research Meth

  • COM 5331 Comptrs In Comm Res

  • COM 5401 Analysis Com Theory

  • COM 5467 Sys Think & Proj Mgt

  • COM 6400 Sem:qual.res.methods

  • COM 6403 Foundations Of Imc

Communication Media

  • CMC T999 Cmc Transfer Course

Community Psychology

  • CYP 3003 Community Psychology (3)

    Brief Survey Of History Of Community Psychology Movement, Variety Of Social, Scientific And Political Issues Surrounding Its Development And Role Of Social Structure, Interpersonal And Person-systems Interactions In Multicultural American Society. Current Foci And An Future Directions Will Also Be Explored. (lecture And Discussion)

  • CYP 6307 Intervention Tech

  • CYP 6936 Seminar In Community Psychology (3)

    This Seminar Focuses On The Application Of Clinical And Psychological Principles And Procedures To Multicultural Community Structures And Settings. Social Intervention And Prevention Models And Consultation, Evaluation, And Social Action Research Strategies Will Be Emphasized, Particularly As They Relate To The Mental Health Of African-american Communities. (lecture, Field Experience)

  • CYP 6938 Advanced Seminar In Black Psychology (3)

    In-depth Study Of Theories And Research Concerning The Nature Of The Black Social Reality In Modern American Society, As Well As The Nature And Dynamics Of Black Personality And Black Mental Health. Emphasis Will Be Given To Theory And Research That Have Grown Out Of Recent Black Psychological Literature. (lecture)

  • CYP 6948 Internship In Community Psychology (9-12)

    Prerequisite: Supervised Practical Experience In Agencies And Institutional Settings With A Multicultural Focus. (field Experience)

Comparative Politics

  • CPO 2002 Comparative Government (3)

  • CPO 2952 Poltical Science Study Abroad

    Credit For Enrollment In Approved Study Abroad

  • CPO 3204 Contemporary Africa (3)

    Prerequisite: POS 2041 . Governments And Politics Of Africa South Of Sahara. Emphasis On Cultural, Political, Economic And Ideological Development.

  • CPO 3403 Politics Of The Middle East

    This Course Provides An Examination Of Key Political And Social Forces In The Middle East. This Course Will Examine Major Security Challenges Facing The United States In The Contemporary Middle East And The Us Responses To Meeting Those Challenges. The Key Issues Examines Are The Arab-israel Conflict And The Us Role In The “peace Process;” Militant Islam, Jihad And Terrorism; The Threat Of Regional Nuclear Proliferation; And Islam, Democratization And Nation Building

  • CPO 3541 Politics Of China

    An Introduction To The Peoples Republic Of China. Covers Such As Topics As Communism , The Cultural Revolution, The Post-mao Era And Select Current Issues And Topics

  • CPO 3643 Politics Of Russia

    An Analysis Of The Formal Structure Of The Government And Politics Of Russia Topics Include The Collapse Of Communism, The Politics Of Transition And The Prospects For Stability

  • CPO 4202 Politics And Government Of African States (3)

    Prerequisite: Senior Standing. Politics And Government Of States Of Africa. Emphasis On Political, Administrative, And Economic And Foreign Policy Developments Of Contemporary Africa.

  • CPO 4303 Comp Pol Latin Ameri

  • CPO 6036 Pol Econ Dev Countri

Computational Numerical Method

  • CNM 3300 Operation Resch I

  • CNM 3340 Operation Resch II


  • COC 1201 Intro To Dpt

  • COC 2001 Intro Math Computing

  • COC 3020 Computer Literacy

  • COC 3110 Comput Fortran Pro

  • COC 3112 Principles Of Computer Problem-solving Techniques (3)

    Fortran Programming Techniques Including Advanced Features Such As Arrays, File Processing, Subroutines, Etc.; Introductory Algorithm Designs For Search, Sorting, Frequency, Tabulations, Etc.; Applications Primarily For Mathematics, Physical Sciences, And Engineering.

  • COC 3211 Computer Concpt Bu

  • COC 3301 Computational Models And Computer Problem Solving (3)

    Major Topics: Modeling Strategies; Techniques Of Visual Basic, Including Loop And Decision Structures, Procedures, Functions, Arrays, Sequential Files, List Boxes; Techniques Of Data Analysis For Numeric And Non-numeric Data; Spreadsheet And Excel Software Methods; Programming Techniques To Implement Mathematical Algorithms; Random Numbers And Computer Simulation.

Computer Applications

  • CAP 2700 Computer Graphics

  • CAP 3112 Computer Dsgn & Devl

  • CAP 3505 Computer Applications For The Social Sciences (3)

    A Project Based Course That Examines Ideas And Tools Of Microcomputer Revolution, Including Electronic Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Data Base Management, Telecommunication Software, Use Of The Internet/www For Social Research.

  • CAP 3770 Introduction to Data Mining

    This Course Covers Data Mining Application, Data Preparation, Data Reduction And Various Data Mining Techniques Such As Association, Clustering, Classification, And Anomaly Detection. This Course Will Develop An Understanding Of The Fundamental Principles Of Data Mining, And Then Apply These Concepts To Real Data. Thus, Students Will Gain A Working Knowledge Of Data Mining Techniques In Real World

  • CAP 4064 Network-based Multimedia

    This Course Presents Fundamental Topics Of Designing And Implementing Multimedia On The Internet. Each Topic Is Presented Along With The Underlying Computer Technology That Supports It And Hands-on Projects Incorporating The Concepts. As The Technology Of Interactive Multimedia On The Internet Changes, This Course Will Present The Current Practice In Preparing Multimedia For Cross-platform Delivery To The Growing Audience Of Internet Users. Using The Capabilities Of Current Web Browser Client And Http Server Technology, Students Will Implement Interactive Multimedia For A Variety Of Applications

  • CAP 4106 Ubiquitous & Handheld Programm

    Ubiquitous And Pervasive Computing Is A New And Exciting Platform And Paradigm For Anywhere, Anyhow Services And Information Systems. This New Research Area Is A Natural Outcome Of The Tremendous Advances In Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Sensor Networks, Distributed Computing, And Agent Technologies. This Advanced Graduate Course Is Project And Reading Based And Explores Issues Of Applications, Privacy, Infrastructure, Mobile, Wireless, And Distributed Computing In An Internet Environment With Advanced Human-computer Interfaces, High-definition Multimedia, And Powerful, Efficient Computing. As uisites, The Students Should Have Basic Knowledge Of Systems And Networking, Security, And System Design.

  • CAP 4620 Artificial Intellig

  • CAP 4680 Expert Systems

  • CAP 4741 Computer Simulation

  • CAP 5107 PervasIVe Computing

    Computers Have Become An Embedded Intrinsic Part Of Sophisticated, Networked, Pervasive And Ubiquitous Computing Environments Around Humans. Pervasive Computing Creates A Ubiquitous Environment That Combines Processors And Sensors With Network Technologies (wireless And Otherwise) And Intelligent Software To Create An Immersive Environment To Improve Life. Pervasive Computing Is In A Unique Position To Facilitate Human-computer Interaction, To Integrate Software With Hardware, And To Spin Off New Human-centric Applications

  • CAP 5510 Computational Med Informatics

    Introduction To Problems, Methods And Directions In Health Information Management. The Course Provides A Background In Health Informatics Concerns, Standards And Processes. Key Computational Techniques In These Are Studied In Depth. Programming Is Required

  • CAP 5605 Artificial Intelli

  • CAP 5626 Artificial Intelligence

    Theory And Practice Of Artificial Intelligence And Knowledge-based Expert Systems. Topics Include Knowledge Representation And Inference, Heuristic And Adversary Search, Genetic Algorithms, Machine Learning, Neural Computing, Reasoning Under Uncertainty, Symbolic Programming Using Lisp, Logic Programming Using Prolog, And Expert Systems. Development And Implementation Of Algorithms For Intelligent Systems Is Emphasized. Examples From Current Application Areas Such As Robotics, Planning, Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, And Intelligent Agents Are Used To Reinforce The Concepts

  • CAP 5661 Introduction To Robotics

    Models And Methods For The Design And Development Of Robotic Applications To Accomplish Prescribed Tasks With Minimal Human Intervention. Robotics Elements: Simple Mechanics (moving, Turning, Lifting), Sensing The Environment (light, Contact, Proximity), Monitoring Internal State (time, Position, Orientation). Course Projects Include Implementing A Robot Application And Research Papers

  • CAP 5765 Datamining

    This Course Is An Overview Of Modern Intelligent Information Analysis Fields And Technologies. It Is Intended For Graduate Students In Computer Science, Software Engineering And Computer Engineering Majors. The Course Give A Broad Overview Of Olap (on-line Analytical Processing) And Data Warehousing, Data Mining (association Rules Mining, Classification, Clustering), Information Filtering And Recommender Systems, Information Retrieval And Web Search, And Web Mining

  • CAP 5766 Knowledge Man & Data Engineeri

    Advanced Topics In Database And Knowledge Base Systems; Such As Data Mining, On-line Analytical Processing, Data Warehousing, Declarative And Visual Query Languages, Multimedia Database Tools, Web And Unstructured Data Sources, And Client-server And Heterogeneous Systems. The Specific Subset Of Topics For A Given Course Offering Is Selected By The Instructor. Research Papers From Recent Journals And Conferences Are Used. Group Project Required

  • CAP 5837 Computer Simiulation & Modelin

    The Course Covers Discrete Event System Modeling And Simulation. It Includes Basic Systems Modeling Concepts And Techniques Of Modeling Real World Events Through Probability And Logic

Computer Design and Architecture

  • CDA 3100 Computer Org I

  • CDA 3101 Comp Concept & Organ

  • CDA 3101 Computer Org II

  • CDA 3101C Computer Concepts and Organization

  • CDA 4102 Computer Architecture

  • CDA 5155 Comp Architecture

Computer Engineering Technology

  • CET 2123L Microprocess Fund-l

  • CET 2154C Basic Comp Troublesh

  • CET 2177 Computer Applications In Engin

    This Course Provides A Beginner To Intermediate Level Of Exposure To Computers, Computer Internals, Internal Busses, Cpu, Peripheral Devices And Emerging Technologies In Connectivity. The Intent Of The Course Is To Provide Students, The Fundamental Knowledge Of Computers To Form A Good Base For Pursuing Advanced Computer Related Studies, In Applications And To Obtain Professional Certifications

  • CET 2202L Site Investigation-l

  • CET 2365C C Prog Eng & Technol

    Hands-on Introduction To The C Programming Language With Applications In Engineering And Technology. Includes Arrays, Pointers, Functions, I/o Operations And Operations System Interaction

  • CET 3010 Concepts In Computer Tech

  • CET 3123L Microprocess Fund-l

  • CET 3195 Digital Electronics

  • CET 3195L Digital Electron Lab

  • CET 3350 Applied Data Structures (3).

    Prerequisite: Programming Language Course, CET 3195 , And MAC 2311 . Sets, Relation, Function, And Concept Of Cardinality. Propositional Logical And Application. Periodic Logic. Induction And Recursion, Finite State Machines, Grammar And Languages. Lists, Trees, Graphs And Boolean Algebra.

  • CET 3468 Computer Aided Circuit Analysis (3)

    Prerequisite: MAC 2312 . A Study Of The Available Tools For Computer-aided Analysis And Design Electronic Circuits. Waveform Analysis, Circuits In The Time And Frequency Domain, Network Analysis Up To Microwave Frequencies, Laplace Transform Circuit Analysis, Pspice Circuit Simulation, And Numerical Calculations Using Available Mathematical Software Packages.

  • CET 3930 Special Topics In Computer Engineering Technology (1-4).

    Prerequisite: Consent Of The Instructor. Student Receive Instruction In A Specialized Topic Or Area Of The Computer Engineering Technology Field. May Be Repeated Up To 9 Credit Hours.

  • CET 4126 Advanced Microprocessors (3)

    Prerequisite: CET 2123 Microprocessor Fundamentals (3) . An In-depth Study Of Advanced (1 6 Bit And 32 Bit) Microprocessors And An Introduction To Dsp Microprocessors Architecture, Software And Interfacing Techniques Will Be Studied In Details.

  • CET 4126L Adv Microproces Lab

  • CET 4149 Microprocessor Interfacing (3)

    Cet 4xxxl Microprocessor Interfacing Laboratory (1). : Programming Language Course, And CET 2123 . Elements Of Microprocessor Based Systems; Interfacing And Software Design For Their Application.

  • CET 4149L Micropro Interfa Lab

  • CET 4190L App Digital Proc Lab


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