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2015-2016 General Catalog 
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions


Agricultural Economics and Business

  • AEB 5307 Agricultural Marketing And Finance (3)

    Application Of Concepts And Theories To Facilitate Financial Analysis Of Agricultural Production; Capital Theory And Investment Analysis; Risk Theory And Portfolio Analysis. Liquidity Management; Policy Issues In Agricultural Financial Marketing Concepts, Strategies, Management And Organizational Requirements Of Marketing Agriculture Products. By Permission Only.

  • AEB 5335 Advanced Agricultural Price Analysis (3)

    Application Of Economic Theory And Statistical Techniques To Study Price Determination And Methods Used To Analyze Factors Affecting Agricultural Prices; Analysis Of Agricultural Prices Movements With Respect To Time, Space And Form; And Examination Of Empirical And Analytical Methods Used In Price Forecasting And Techniques Of Time Series Analysis. By Permission Only.

  • AEB 5375 Market Research And Survey Sampling (3)

    Prerequisite: An Introductory Statistics Course. Marketing Research Methods Used To Evaluate Market Potential, Problems And Marketing Decisions. Course Includes Sampling Techniques Of Data Collection And Analysis. Selected No Parametric Statistical Techniques Issued To Illustrate Research Methods And Statistical Inference Of Market Data. By Permission Only.

  • AEB 5555 Econometrics (3)

    Application Of Economic And A Linear Algebra Course. Emphasis On Social And Behavioral Sciences Research Problems. Empirical Research Methods In Estimating The Basic Linear Model And Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Inference And Problems Involved In Regression Analysis And Extensions Of The General Linear Model. By Permission Only.

Agricultural Education & Commu

  • AEC 3200 Instructional Techniques In Agriculture And Extension Education. (3)

    Introduction To General Techniques Of Teaching, Selection Of Procedures, Instructional Resource Management, Student-teacher Rapport, Media And Materials, Learning Environment And Activities, And Evaluation.

  • AEC 3323 Agricultural Education- Philosophy And Role In The 21st Century. (3)

    Agricultural Education- Philosophy And Role In The 21st Century. (3) Historical Development Of Concepts, Philosophies Of Agricultural Education Programs Including Principles, Legislation, Underlying Organization And Practice, Impact, And Changing Role In The 21st Century.

  • AEC 3424 Agri Youth Programs

  • AEC 3940 Agriculture Field Experience. (1-3)

    Early Field-based Experience In Agriculture. Mentorship Opportunity Whereby Students Gain Early Insight And Experience Into Field Of Study.

  • AEC 4039 Strategies In Agricultural Communications. (3)

    Mass Media Techniques For Reporting And Promoting Agriculture Including Message Preparation, Presentation, And Strategy Development. Inter-cultural Communication Techniques. Strategies And Methods For Agricultural Information Transfer.

  • AEC 4202 Technology And Agriculture Education (3)

    Emphasis On New And Emerging Technologies, Devices, And Resources Within Agriculture And Natural Resource Sciences.

  • AEC 4204 Teach Agr Edu 2dary

  • AEC 4207 Methods Teach Agr Ed

  • AEC 4208 Methods Of Teaching Agricultural Extension (3)

    Methods And Materials Used To Develop Agricultural Education Programs In Agriculture And Community Resource Development And Cooperative Extension.

  • AEC 4228 Lab Practices Teachi

  • AEC 4251 Sustainable Development: Program Development And Evaluation In Agricultural Development (3)

    An Overview Of Efforts To Achieve Global Sustainable Development. Examines Methods Used In Human And Community Resource Programs And/or Rural Development Programs, Based On Nature And Role Of Key Characteristics. Emphasis On Assessment, Participant/community Needs, Goals, Sustainability.

  • AEC 4256 Educational Programs In Agriculture For Developing Countries. (2)

    Development And Implementation Of Educational Programs In Developing Countries.

  • AEC 4301 Sustainable Agriculture. (2)

    Historical Development Of Concepts, Current Issues And Trends Within Sustainable Agriculture Science.

  • AEC 4326 Transfer And Adoption Of Technology. (3)

    Processes By Which Professional Change Agents Influence The Introduction, Adoption And Diffusion Of Technology In International Agricultural Development.

  • AEC 4415 Agroecosystem Management. (2)

    Managing Complexity And Change In Food, Agriculture And Natural Resources. Alternative Farming Systems And Ecotechnology. Case Studies Of Agroecosystem Management And Problem Solving.

  • AEC 4418 Leadership Development In Agriculture In And Natural Resources. (3)

    Philosophy And Significance Of Leadership Education. Principles And Practices In Organizing And Administering Community Programs. Leadership Development For Small Groups And Teams, Youth, And Adults.

  • AEC 4436 Developing Community And Volunteer Programs. (3)

    Strategies And Procedures For Effectively Coordinating Community And Volunteer Programs.

  • AEC 4455 Methods And Approach In International Agricultural Extension Programs And Projects. (3)

    Historical View Of Agricultural Development Systems. Examination Of Changing Methodology, Approach, Strategy, Role Of Participant, Extensionist, Researcher. Development And Implementation In Agriculture, Community Development And Related Fields.

  • AEC 4542 Curriculum And Program Planning. (3)

    Principles And Practices Used In Designing Courses For Effective Teaching And Program Development. Curriculum Materials, Methods Used In Teaching Agricultural Education In Formal And Informal Settings.

  • AEC 4633 Voc Ed For Disadv Yo

  • AEC 4930 Professional Seminar

  • AEC 4936 Forum On Agricultural Technology Education. (1, P/f)

    Final Integration Of Leadership And Extension, Agricultural Communication, And Natural Resources And Environmental Management Provided By Student Synthesis Of Experiences From Their Aee-practical Teaching Experience And/or Aee-internship Opportunity. Features Speakers On Current Issues And Concerns Within Agricultural Technology Education And Related Areas. International And National.

  • AEC 4937 Topics In Agricultural Communications. (1-2)

    Emphasis On Emerging Technologies, National And International Trends In Agricultural Communications. Emphasis On Determining Effectiveness Of Method, Message, Training, Follow-up.

  • AEC 4945 Agricultural Technology Education Option Internship. (3-4)

    An Individualized Program Whereby Students Gain Practical Experience In Leadership, Extension, Communications, Business, Agencies, Industry, Public Relations, And With Selected Cultural Organizations.

  • AEC 5255 Adult Edu In Agri

  • AEC 5435 Rural Ed Commun Lead

  • AEC 5905 Food And Environment

Agricultural Maintainance

  • AOM T999 Aom Transfer Course

  • AOM 3336 Agri Maint & Constru

  • AOM 4430C Techniques Of Resear

Agricultural Science

  • AGG 4935 Agricultural Senior Seminar (1)

    Required For All Seniors In Any Agricultural Science Curriculum. Presentation Of Professional Seminars Will Be Stressed And Students Will Be Required To Present One Seminar. Guest Seminars Will Be Presented When Possible.


  • FRC T999 Frc Transfer Course

  • FRC 3212C Citrus Culture

  • FRC 3801 Introduction To Viticulture (4)

    Prerequisite: General Biology (bbc 1010c, 1011c). The Nature Of The Vine, Strategy For Grape Production, Vine Management, Crop Hazards, And Grape Growing And Wine Making At Home. Course Consists Of Two Lectures Of One Hour Each And One Discussion Demonstration Laboratory Period Of Two Hours Each Per Week.

  • FRC 3933 Spe Top Horticulture

  • FRC 4811 Genetics & Physi

  • FRC 4906 Directed Individual Studies (1-5)

    This Course Is Designed To Provide Students Of Advanced Junior Or Senior Standing, The Opportunity To Pursue Independent Study Or Research In The Area Of Fruit Crops. The Topic Of Study Or Research Project Must Have Been Decided Upon By The Student, And Approved By The Instructor Prior To Registration.

  • FRC 5805C Viticulture (4)

    Introduces The Students To The Art And Science Of Grape Growing. The History Of Grape Production And Utilization, Is Discussed With Emphasis On North American And Florida Grapes. A Comprehensive Survey Of Modern Grape Production Practices Is Augmented With Discussions Of Grapevine Development, Morphology And Physiology Of Flowering And Fruit Maturation. Field Experience In Vineyard Management Will Be Provided. By Permission Only.

  • FRC 5808C Enology (4)

    Introduces The Student To The Origin And Practices Of Enology, Yeast Fermentations And Fruit Processing. The Course Includes Discussions On The Chemistry Of Fermentation Reactions, Compositional Evaluations, Utilization And Preservation Of Fermented Beverages. Principles And Products As Related To Grape Cultivars Used, And Vilification Technology Employed. Use Of Southeastern Grapes Is Highlighted. By Permission Only.

Agriculture And Extension Educ

  • AEE 1934 Special Emphasis :

    1) Agricultural And Environmental Concerns, Leadership And Extension, Teacher Training And Agricultural Communication. 2) Participation Of Invited Speakers; 3) Various Facets Covered By On-site Lectures To Training And Education Sites, Research Stations, Private Farms, Agribusiness, And Agencies

  • AEE 3417 Leadership Programs In Agriculture And Natural Resources. (2)

    Preparing Leaders To Become Empowered To Use Acquired Skills And Knowledge, Address Issues And Train Others. Implications Of Policy And Goals. Impact Of National And International Leadership Programs.

  • AEE 4416 Women In Development. (2)

    Cultural-environmental Practices And Trends In Women Roles In Development. Agricultural And Development Issues That Address Gender Related- Knowledge/information. Gender Impact Analysis. Impact Of Development, Non-governmental Organizations. Grassroots Change. Participatory Analysis.

  • AEE 4905 Food And Environment

  • AEE 4942 Student Practical Experience.

    Senior And Consent Of Department Chair. An Individualized Program Whereby Students Apprenticed To Proper Officials To Gain Practical Experience.

  • AEE 5910 Supervised Research

Agriculture General

  • AGG 2004 Introduction To Agricultural Science (1)

    This Course Has Been Designed To Create An Awareness, Provide Introductory Experiences, And Develop An Understanding Of All Areas Of Agricultural Sciences, Agribusiness, Animal Science, Entomology And Structural Pest Control, Ornamental Horticulture And Landscape Design, Agronomy, Food Science, And Agricultural Education.

  • AGG 2050 Introduction To Biotechnology (2)

    This Course Is Designed To Teach Students The Concepts And Prinicples Of Biotechnolgy And Explore To Its Application In Agriculture, The Environment And The Society. Students Will Have “Hands-on” Experience With Modern Biotechnology Research Techniques In The Laboratory.

  • AGG 2050L Intro To Biotech (lab)

    This Courseis Intended To Provide Hands-on Laboratory Training In Basic Methods Employed In Biotechnology

  • AGG 3921 Colloquium/forum

  • AGG 4056 Appl Nat Sci Food & Agr Sci (3)

    This Course Seeks To Expose Students To The Ways By Which Basic Biological And Chemical Knowledge Is Applied In Agricultural Sciences. It Focuses On Many Of The Of The Research Projects Being Conducted In The College As A Means Of Demonstrating The Strong Linkages Between The Natural Sciences In General And Biology And Chemistry In Particular With The Food And Agricultural Sciences. Students Are Expected To Produce Position Paper On Each Area Covered Detailing The Natural Sciences Principles Involved And Provide A Review Of Their Application To The Agricultural Sciences

  • AGG 4414 Women In Development

    This Is An Introductory Course On The Role Of Womenin The Food Production Throughtout The World. Its Purpose Is To Acquaint Students With Gender Roles In Agriculture, By Examining The Division Of Labor, Similarities And Differnces From A Global Perspective.

  • AGG 4420 Global Sem Human Sustai

    Focusing On Concepts And Approaches To Developing Sustainable Environmental Food Systems, Examine Environmental Problems, Enhance Appreciation And Understanding For Critical Environmental Problems, And Provide A Global Perspective Of Environmental Issues.

  • AGG 4940 International Internship

  • AGG 4950 Overseas Studies

  • AGG 5000 Colloquium

  • AGG 5330C Gis Res Appl Agr Sci & Nat Res

    Introduction To Technique In Spatial Analysis For Research Applications. Topics Includes Fundamentals Of Geographic Information Systems Software, Spatial Data Models And Database Compilation/documentation. Students Are Required To Complete A Research Project

  • AGG 5508 Rural Sanit Env Hlth

  • AGG 5537 Invasion Biology

    Prerequisite: Ecology Or Other Coursework In The Biological Sciences Advanced Course On Concepts In Population Ecology Of Invasive Species, Impacts, Risk Assessment, And Management Strategies.

  • AGG 5665-HYB Appl Genomics/bioform-hybrid

    This Course Current Trend And Research Topics In Human Health, Food And Agriculture Production Applying Genomicsand Bioinformatics Data Mining Tools. Note: This An Hybrid Course

  • AGG 5825 Fundamentals Of Research Design (4)

    Prerequisite: An Introductory Statistics Course And A Linear Algebra Course. Probability Theory, Random Variables And Sampling Distribution, Experimental Design And Analysis Of Variance, Survey Techniques, Regression Analysis, And Nonparametric Statistics. Permission Of Graduate Program Coordinator.

  • AGG 5827 Stat Methods In Research II

    Normal Theory Inference, Test Of Assumptions And Hypothesis Testing, Analysis Of Variance, Concepts Of Design, Block Designs, Factorial Experiments, Fractional Factorials, Multiple Regression And Correlation, Analysis Of Covariance, Multivariate Analysis Of Categorical Data

  • AGG 5900 Directed IndIVidual Study (1-4)

    Independent Study Or Research Under The Supervision By Faculty Members. May Be Repeated Up To A Maximum Of Six Hours. By Permission Only.

  • AGG 5910 Supervised Research (1-3)

    Students Collect And Analyze Data On Particular Subject, Under The Supervision Of A Member Of The Area Staff (not To Exceed 6 Semester Hours). By Permission Only.

  • AGG 5920 Colloquium (1)

  • AGG 5930 Special Topics In Agricultural Science (1-4)

    Topics In Agricultural Sciences Showing An Interrelationship Between Subject Matter Areas. Content And Credit May Vary. May Be Repeated Up To A Maximum Of Six Semester Hours. By Permission Only.

  • AGG 5931 Professional Seminar (3)

    This Course Is Designed To Prepare Students To Understand And Evaluate Scientific Research And Provide The Opportunity For Them To Plan And Conduct Research With The Guidance Of Other Professionals In The Field.

  • AGG 5976 Master’s Thesis (1-9)

    The Student Selects A Topic In Consultation With His Advisor, Collects Data, Writes And Defends A Thesis. By Permission Only.

  • AGG 6664 Agriculture Genomics

    Students In This Course Will Learn To Apply Genomics And Bioinformatics Techniques To Obtain Essential Data About Agricultural And Food Products Especially Those Grown And Produced For The Famu Clientele

  • AGR 3210 Field Crop Science (3)

    Background Materials. Concepts, Theories, Principles, And Practices Of Field Crop Production. Lecture/lab.

  • AGR 3232 Pasture And Range Management (3)

    Establishment Of Permanent Pastures Their Fertilization And Management; Temporary And Rotation Pastures. Lectures/lab.

  • AGR 3232L Pasture & Range Mgmt

  • AGR 3271 Temperate & Tropical Crops

    Husbandry Of Specific Temperate And Tropical Crops. Crops Will Be Grouped Into Horticultural, Agronomic And Tree Crops.

  • AGR 4275 Global Cropping Systems

    Discuss Sole And Mix Crop Production Systems. Different Mixed Crop Production Methods Such As Interplanting, Intercropping, Relay Cropping And Agroforestry Will Be Discussed In Detail And Compared To Solecropping. Examples Of Specific Mixed Crop Combinations Will Be Discussed And Compared To Solecropping. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mixed Cropping In Terms Of Pest Management, Natural Resource Use (solar Radiation/light, Water, Nutrients, Etc.) And Mechanization Will Be Discussed

  • AGR 4430C Geograp Info Sys Rem

  • AGR 4512 Plant Ecology (3)

    Environment Conditions Controlling Plan Growth; Nature’s Principles And Methods Of Regarding The Processes Of Plant Succession And Stabilization. Lecture/lab.

  • AGR 4512L Plant Ecology

  • AGR 4905 Special Problems (variable)

    Individual Research And Study Of Problems Or Agronomy, Soil Science And Other Selected Areas.

  • AGR 4910C Techniques Research

    Undergraduate Research Course Involving Lab And/or Field Anaysis Of Problems In Area That Will Stimulate Imagination Of Student And Advancecause Of Science

  • AGR 4910L Tech Of Research Lab

    Undergraduate Research Course Involving Lab And/or Field Anaysis Of Problems In Area That Will Stimulate Imagination Of Student And Advancecause Of Science

  • AGR 4934 Seminar (3)

    Preparation And Presentation Of Oral And Written Reports On Subjects In Agronomy, Soil Science, And Other Selected Areas.

  • AGR 5215 Special Field Corps

  • AGR 5224 Forage Crops

    Detailed Study And Agronomic Characteristics Of Tropical And Temperate Improved And Rangeland Forage Species; Function And Use Of Improved Pastures And Natural Grassland In Animal Production Systems.

  • AGR 5265 Fund Research Dsgn

  • AGR 5322 Plant Breeding (4)

    Plant Improvement, Methodologies For Breeding Fielding Crops And Horticultural Crops Will Be Discussed; Cultivar Development And Multiplication Of Asexually Propagated Crop Species, New Plant Breeding Techniques Such As Plant Cell Selection, Applications Of Haploidy And Genetic Engineering.

  • AGR 5442C Advanced Plant Sciences (3)

    Physiological Processes Associated With Crops And Crop Production. Factors Influencing Crop Yield Potentials. Influence Of Environmental Factors On Photosynthesis, Water Movement, Fruit Set And Yields.

  • AGR 5445C Adv Plant Sciences

  • AGR 5616 Seed Science And Technology (3)

    Examination Of Basic Metabolic Process Related To Seed Development, Maturation, Dormancy And Germination. Post-harvest Processing, Curing And Storage Of Seeds, And Its Effects On Seed Quality. Principles And Practices In Pure Seed Production And Crop And Weed Seed Identification. Laboratory Methods In Seed Testing, Certification, Laws For Marketing Seeds. By Permission Only.

  • AGR 5921 Colloq In Plant Scie

  • PSE 4211C Incubation And Brooding (3)

    Prerequisite: ANS 3006 , ZOO 1010  . Principles And Practices Of Incubation As Related To Hatchery Management, Embryology, Reproduction And Brooding Requirements Of Chicks.

American History

  • AMH 2000 United States History

    United States History: This Is A Course Derived From Appropriate Test Scores (i.e. Ap) Articulation Coordinating Committee Credit-by-exam Equivalents

  • AMH 2010 U.S. History: 1492 To 1864 (3)

    From colonial times through Revolutionary Era, Middle Period, and Age of Jackson to coming of Civil War.

  • AMH 2020 His Of Us Since 1865

  • AMH 2020 U.S. History: 1865 To Present (3)

    From Reconstruction through eras of industrialization, progressivism, two World Wars to present.

  • AMH 2020E U.s. History: 1865 To Present (3)

    From Reconstruction Through Eras Of Industrialization, Progressivism, Two World Wars To Present.

  • AMH 2091 Introduction to African-American History (3)

    Will Cover Such Topics As: African Origins Of Civilization, Slave Trade,rise Of Slavery In America, Slave Culture And Religion,civil War, Reconstruction, World War II, Civil Rights Movement And Blacks In Post Industrial America.

    Course Attribute: General Education
    Course Attribute Value: Social Science
  • AMH 2091E Intro Afro-amer Hist

    Will Cover Such Topics As: African Origins Of Civilization, Slave Trade,rise Of Slavery In America, Slave Culture And Religion,civil War, Reconstruction, World War II, Civil Rights Movement And Blacks In Post Industrial America.

    Course Attribute: General Education
    Course Attribute Value: Social Science

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